Thursday, September 04, 2014

Support please x

this tapestry is currently for sale in my web shop $upport studio practice
keep an eye on this spot, in the future, there's going to be some bargains.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It's been such a long time since I've said hello here!
Lots of things have been happening. The biggest joy has been moving into my own studio, a childhood dream. It is the best.

It's great being able to get the wool out...and somewhere to put the GoT guys.

I've started some big work, which has also been great. I haven't done anything big since I worked at the Australian Tapestry workshop, and that was someone elses work.
 So really, it's been years and years.

Also, I've been exhibiting for Craft Cubed at Boom Gallery this month, it finishes up at the end of this week.
You can view the show here, at my website , look in the "work" tab.

I think I was put off blogging for a while because of the TROLL who went kind of passive aggresive berserk at me. I know who it is, and really, the young lady should have known better...perhaps had a little look at the blog before telling me I can't express what I think.
Oh, and if you can't beat 'em.

also, stay tuned for this lovely......

all woven on a table loom.